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waiting for my ORENJI-kun
[Drabble] Submerge [Loveless] 
30th August, 2006 - 02:16 pm
Happy birthday fairymage!!! ^_______^ Here! *shoves drabble at you* I’m afraid it turned out more Kio than Soubi-centric. Forgive me? >_______<

Title: Submerge
Fandom: Loveless

They met on the beach.

Soubi was burning his mouth. Thin fingers curled around a stick of rolled up grass; eyes dewy and fire-bright. The smoke rose thin and clear.

Kio was wading out to sea.

They could have both gone under, that night. Kio woke with ash on his tongue, salt everywhere.

They sat side by side, knees not quite touching. He watched the moon; Soubi watched the bay. A little boat bobbed near the shore, never quite leaving its mooring-place.

Kio dreams of starlight and swirling water. He remembers nothing.

Also, exams are killing me. BUT MORE ON THAT LATER. TWO MORE DAYS ZOMFG. NEARLY THERE!!! Ahaha, I have three weeks worth of backlogged f-entries... ;______;

On another note, I am missing you all muchly. Especially my uke-chan... *wibbles and waves*
30th August, 2006 - 07:24 am (UTC)
*WIBBLES* Uke-chan is nothing without seme-sama Q_Q
31st August, 2006 - 07:41 am (UTC)
OF COURSE I FORGIVE YOU! *is too lazy to log into writing journal >_<*

Thank you so much! *huggles* You have no idea how awesome you've made me feel~
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